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Come to the Boarded Up MTA Board to Inject More Life into our Stop Transit Racism Campaign

The Bus Riders Union Urgently Needs Your Attendance this Thursday September 24 2020 8:30 if possible but 9 at the latest for a one hour+ press conference and rally

Free Public Transportation / Stop MTA Racial Profiling of Black Passengers

No Police on MTA Buses and Trains

No Cars in LA—Bus Only Lanes, Auto free rush hours

Auto free days now!

What is going on?

The Bus Riders Union, as you know, has been fighting for our Campaign for Urban Reconstruction-Stop Transit Racism Campaign for 20 years.

We have won 2500 Compressed Natural Gas Buses, reduced the bus fare to $42 a month, $21 every 2 weeks, $11 a week, and got 1 million new service hours so buses came on time and transfers were so much easier. Over the last 15 years the MTA has REVERSED everything we won—cutting our 1 million hours of additional services and reducing bus service by 35%, raising the monthly fare to $62 then $75 and now $100. What did they think would happen? When the Bus Riders Union had a federal consent decree with the MTA for 10 years (1996-2006) bus ridership when UP by 20%  Now it is down 20% for a total round trip of 40% less riders. If we win Free Public Transportation bus and train ridership could dramatically expand and more people would get out of their cars.

But now the situation is WORSE. Bus Riders, 55% Latino, 20% Black, 60% women and 80% are profoundly poor, have less and less jobs, more unemployment, less houses and more houselessness, and no one can afford any fare. We appreciate MTA CEO Phil Washington for recognizing that and along with COVID 19 protections for drivers and passengers allowing boarding in the back and in practice no fare collection. We have also spoken to MTA drivers who completely agree with the policy.

This past weekend we organized on the corners of Crenshaw and Exposition with an overwhelmingly Black ridership. Of the 50 people we spoke with more than 10 were houseless? The MTA has a $7 billion budget based on 4 ½ cent sales taxes. Yes, their revenues must be down but not compared to the houselessness, hunger, and desperation of so many passengers.

So now, as the MTA is moving in more positive directions we need more support to push them to do the right thing. As one example, MTA said they would pass a motion for free transportation for students and instead changed it only for houseless students that stigmatizes the fare reduction and will drive more students into hourselessness.

The rally will be at 1 Gateway Plaza and the Corner of Cesar Chavez and Vignes right behind Union Station. It is large and we plan to practice social distancing and urge you to attend and yes bring and wear your mask. PLEASE RSVP, PLEASE ATTEND!!!!!

We urgently need your support.

With much love during these difficult times,

Eric, Barbara, Channing, Brigette, Geonna, Angeles, Kassandra, Akunna and your friends and comrades at the Bus Riders Union