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The Bus Riders Union calls on Supervisor Holly Mitchell and Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins to help us fight Anti-Black policies by the Metro board.

In December the Bus Riders Union received commitments from LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell and MTA CEO Stephanie Wiggins that they would acknowledge the profound anti-Black racism at the MTA and would work with the Bus Riders Union to stamp it out once and for all. They have not kept those promises.

BRU Motion: 

MTA agrees that since 50% to 60% of all MTA passengers receiving tickets and arrests are Black it will immediately stop any enforcement of fares or any enforcement of their “Codes of Conduct” that the BRU calls their “Black Codes.”

MTA will give the highest priority to a full investigation of all forms of anti-Blackness at the agency and its treatment of passengers and will work with the Bus Riders Union to stamp it out—including cooperating on the monitoring of MTA police and staff on the buses and trains.  All MTA staff participating in anti-Black policies and practices will be terminated.

We call on Supervisor Mitchell and CEO Wiggins who we still see as our best hope to support the BRU Motion and get enough votes to pass it at the January Board meeting.

We Call on All Social Justice and Civil Rights Groups to assert their political independence and reach out to Supervisor Mitchell, CEO Wiggins, and all Metro Board members.

Please email and call their office to urge them to work with the BRU.

CEO Stephanie Wiggins: (213) 922-7555

Supervisor Holly Mitchell: (213) 974-2222

I want to thank Knock LA for allowing us to get our point of view out to the public and the movement and for caring about our work

Give Public Comment to Metro on Thursday at 10am

Please Join the Bus Riders Union this Thursday January 27th 2022 at 10am to give public comment to the Metro Board to urge them to take up the Bus Riders Union motion.

Metro Public Comment Instructions:

Call (888) 251-2949

English Access Code 8231160# Spanish Access code: 4544724#

Press #2 when asked to give public comment in the beginning of the meeting

Log on to to watch the board meeting