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The Struggle for No Police in the Los Angeles Schools: a Great Leap Forward and Victory is in Sight by Eric Mann

The Struggle for No Police in the Los Angeles Schools: a Great Leap Forward and Victory is in Sight On Tuesday, June 23, in Los Angeles, the decade’s long struggle for No Police in the Schools had a major breakthrough. Los Angeles School Board member Monica Garcia introduced the most structural and hopeful motion to [...]

The Historic 1968 Struggle Against Columbia University

The Historic 1968 Struggle Against Columbia University How a Black United Front in Harlem, the Students’ Afro American Society, and Students for a Democratic Society took on the Columbia University Ruling Class, Mayor John Lindsay, the New York Times, the NYPD—and won! By Eric Mann “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks […]

Sanders v. Clinton on Palestine: No Contest


Trumbo: Hollywood’s Anti-Communist Tribute to Itself

T rumbo, produced and written by John McNamara and Bruce Cook and starring Bryan Cranston, is billed as a courageous defense of Dalton Trumbo, a well-meaning communist writer. According to the film, Trumbo was little more than a courageous democrat who was Black-listed by Hollywood, went to prison, spent a decade in screenplay exile, and [...]

Inside the Civil Rights Movement: a Conversation With Julian Bond


Danny Schechter Lives

My old and dear friend Danny Schechter died last week of pancreatic cancer. Danny Schechter the news dissector, a great radical journalist, and a critical ally of the African National Congress and the South African revolution lived for 72 years. As a footnote to his life but a big thing in mine he was the [...]

Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition

Eric Mann is the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center and The Fight for the Soul of the Cities. He is a veteran of the Congress of Racial Equality, Students for a Democratic Society, and the United Auto Workers and the author of Katrina’s Legacy: The Black Nation and the People of the World Confront The U.S. Imperialist  […]

Veterans: Your Only Real Friend is the Anti-War Movement

There are at least three gifts we can give to the veterans and  G.I.’s on veterans day. One is to bring all the troops home, close down all 800 U.S. military bases, provide “jobs or income now” and the most extensive program of medical and psychological support for the vets–and the entire working class–and to demand that our government apologize to the peoples and nations all over the world for its wars of aggression and apologize to the working class men and women it sent to kill and be killed to expand its empire.

Palestine Will Win

In the midst of an Israeli military slaughter of civilians in Gaza and now, its announcement it will commandeer 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank—the largest Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land in 30 years–to build homes for Jewish settlers the title “The Palestinian people will win” may seem delusional and hyperbolic.

The Journey of LeBron James

The public debate about the journey of Lebron James—a Black man and the greatest basketball player in the world today—is being discussed and debated by tens of millions of sports fans in the U.S. The passionate, hysterical, and truly fanatical debate analyzing his contractual decisions to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to “take his talents to [...]