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Thank you for coming to the Strategy and Soul Pre Election Victory Block Party

At Our Strategy and Soul Movement Center
3546 Martin Luther King at Crenshaw
South Central Los Angeles

Next Block Party
Saturday December 12, 2020
11 AM to 3 PM

Check out the Pictures Below

As our part of the country, still holding our breath, sees a great hope to slow down the fascist nightmare and create opportunity for Movement Building we want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out this past weekend to the Strategy and Soul Pre Election Victory Block Party. With some luck our next one will be our “post-victory” Block Party.

There are several next steps and lessons learned for our second in person, socially distanced event during the quarantine and we want to move fast to keep up the momentum.

First, we realize that the outdoor block party allows us at least one way to re-open Strategy and Soul safely during the quarantine. We plan to make the Block Party a regular once per month event.

The Next Strategy and Soul Block Party will be on Saturday December 12 2020 11am-3pm.

Second, We had lots of fun this weekend with a fantastic DJ GFunkTrece–Gabriel Vidal. We want to thank Celia and Joe from South LA Cafe for the great coffee and coffee cake. In the next Block Party and future monthly block parties we want to increase the role of Strategy and Soul Bookstore and Strategy and Soul Theater as an extension of our organizing work, and an extension of our virtual Strategy and Soul Thursday Night Revolutionary Organizing Film Club.

Third is that we learned alot about what we’re capable of. We had the idea of the Block Party on Monday and made the idea a reality by Saturday. Now that we know what we can accomplish in one week, we plan to make significant gains and improvements in the December Block Party.

We hope you love these pictures of Joyous Strategy Center members and supporters and hope you’ll join us at the next one.

Eric Mann, Barbara Lott Holland, Channing Martinez, Brigette Amaya, Akunna Uka.

Masks required, hand sanitizer provided,

Our Backyard is great for Socializing and Social Distancing

RSVP if possible but please join us