In Actions

The Labor/Community Strategy Center, the Bus Riders Union, & Taking Action Social Justice Clubs Ask to you March with us to DEFEND THE VOTED, DEFEND DEMOCRACY

Saturday November 7th 2020

Meet us at 7am in Leimert Park for a Car Caravan to Figueroa and Martin Luther King Blvd.

Can’t make it at that time?

Meet us at Figueroa & Martin Luther King Blvd. at 8am — March and Caravan leaves to Pershing Square at 9:30am

Can’t Make it to either of those?

Meet us at Pershing Square at 11am for a mass rally

We are very happy to be part of a very large coalition of Black, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous, women, LGBTQ, Labor, Climate Justice, and Human Rights Organizers for this Saturday’s Defend the Vote, Defend Democracy Rally. As we write this there is a very good chance that Joe Biden will win the necessary votes in the Electoral College (270 needed) to Defeat Donald Trump. Trump has created a white racist, fascist army that is armed and dangerous. He is arguing that there is no way he will agree to lose this election. If he wins the most votes, he will argue the election is legal. If he does not, he will say it is a fraud, go to the courts to deny counting people’s votes and encourage a race war in the streets.

We know that the broader challenge of the Racist Right will require a broader united front to defend the Black community from U.S. genocide, to stop U.S. police and military aggression in the Third World inside and outside the United States, to fight for climate survival, and yes, to challenge U.S. white settler state fascism—that is a clear and present danger right this minute.

The Republicans have been working for decades to deny the voting rights of Black and Latino voters. We see this week-end as the next step to dramatically expand those votes as part of a long war against fascism and neo-liberalism. If the election is contested, we know there will be some forces who say, “Do not go into the streets, let us take care of it in the courts.” The Trump/fascist forces will not make that mistake and neither should our movement. We need a legal tactical plan but our movement needs to occupy public spaces and fight for power. If you agree with these politics please reach out to us and march with us this Saturday and beyond.


Channing Martinez

Director of Organizing


Brigette Amaya

Lead Organizer