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The Strategy Center is a multi-racial, Black-led “change the world organization.” We address “the totality of urban life and work on many issues—but our single issue is to dismantle the U.S. imperialist white settler state. We are a small organization with a big vision—to be part of an international movement to challenge U.S. anti-Black genocide, global burning, and U.S. plans to destroy the world through world war and if necessary nuclear annihilation. We are a piece of that larger puzzle and we do think we play a unique role in the politics of LA and the U.S. But our main strategy is non-sectarian, united front movement building. We seek to unite with all who can be united and put forth our revolutionary views to up the level of discussion but never to hurt the work of others.

Palestine! Since its inception in 1989 the Strategy Center has been part of the international movement for the self-determination of the people of Palestine. We have joined with others to demand No Israeli Settlements in the West Bank, End the Israeli Blockade and Concentration Camps in Gaza, Worldwide sanctions against Israel and an end of all U.S. military aid to Israel. On our radio show, Voices from the Frontlines, host Eric Mann has had two deep conversations with Michel Shehadeh of the Free Democratic Palestine Movement. Our Strategy and Soul Bookstore features The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine by Rashid Khalid. In 2014, Eric published “Palestine Will Win: Solidarity from a Self-Respecting Jew” in and as a majority Black Organization we march to Free Free Palestine!

The Strategy Center is Black-led civil rights and climate justice organization in South Central L.A. We are fighting to Defund the Police in the Los Angeles schools and to invest $1 Billion in the Black Student Achievement Plan. We are fighting the Koch Brothers “Parents Defending Education” and oppose any racist efforts to dismantle the all-Black “BSAP.”

The Strategy Center runs the Bus Riders Union while the L.A. Metro buses don’t run at all. We call for Free Public Transportation, No Police on the Buses and Trains, 500 Community Conductors, 1,000 additional bus service hours and 1,000 zero emission vehicles. We are a leading environmental and climate justice group fighting the racist and reactionary Metro. We have been calling upon L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, with 4 votes on the MTA board, to support our work. So far we are still waiting. Your financial support can increase our power.

We are carrying out Revolutionary Organizing in the Age of Counterrevolution. We have a great Leadership Team. Black majority, Black women, with a high level of trust. We care about each other, share a common vision and have a deep commitment to Black, Latinx, and Third World People.

We run Strategy and Soul Books, Strategy and Soul Films, Voices from the Frontlines, and the South Central Power-Up E-Bike Lending Library. Many groups doing this scope of work have budgets 5 times larger than ours.

We urgently need $100,000 to push our program forward
We know you can’t stand Fascist Trump and Genocide Joe. We know you want to stand with us. PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY.
Channing, Eric, Barbara, and Akunna