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The Bus Riders Union reports:

5 Indictments against LA Metro’s transit racism

The Bus Riders Union has spent more than 20 years organizing Black and Latinx passengers on Metro buses and trains. We have deeply studied the transportation system, and have years of research that show that the Metro board is carrying out systemic racism against Black and Latinx passengers. This booklet makes 5 indictments that show the methodologies that Metro uses to carry out its racist policies and practices.

While the Bus Riders Union is a multi-racial organization representing Black, Latinx, and all third world bus riders, We are particularly concerned with the state of the Black community and think that everyone should be as well. The Black population has now decreased by 50% since 1970 in Los Angeles. We shown in these pages that Black people account for 50% of all citations and arrests on Metro buses and trains every years for the last 10+ years. Black students are targeted with arrests and tickets on Metro buses and trains, then when they arrive to school, they’re suspended for willful defiance. They’re targeted by LA School Police while their parents and family members are targeted on Metro. Black people make up almost 50% of the houseless population, and 50% of the unemployed. While the Supreme court officially outlaws Affirmative Action, Black people seem to have affirmative action toward systemic racism in country, and Metro does its part to make that a reality.

We hope this booklet can be used as a organizing tool to both explain transit racism, but also to invite you to join the Bus Riders Union to fight Anti-Black policies and practices and end the Metro attacks on the planet.

Call to Action:

Join the Bus Riders Union at the Metro Board Thursday September 28, 2023 @9am to give public comment to the Metro Board

One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room

legal size: 5 indictments against LA Metro’s Transit Racism by Fight for the Soul of the Cities