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We are so excited

Our first billboard went up on the corner of King and Crenshaw a half Block from our Strategy and Soul Movement Center offices at 3546 Martin Luther King Blvd.

We have a strong leadership team—Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, Barbara Lott-Holland, Akunna Uka, and Emily Zamora.  We think we look pretty good up there.

Think of it. We are the only group in LA that demands

Join the Bus Riders Union— to encourage bus riders who are being beaten into submission by the MTA police

50 percent of all public and private jobs go to Black applicants as Black workers have been driven out of the workforce

Stop U.S. Attacks on Africa and the Third World as Biden is waging a war against China, Russia, and Africa

Support our billboard campaign

Support Bus Riders

Support Black workers

Support Africa and the Third World

Give Generously 

to the Labor/Community Strategy Center
as we kick off Our Holiday Fundraising Campaign