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The Labor Community Strategy Center
The National Leadership School for Strategic Organizing
is proud to support
The Walter Rodney Symposium

Tomorrow March 26th, 2022 7am PST

Good Morning Comrades,

Tomorrow is the big day. Set your alarms, reserve your best cup of coffee. Tomorrow, March 26,  at 7 AM PST (10 AM for our friends on the East Coast) The Walter Rodney Foundation will host the Annual Walter Rodney Symposium. This has been a wonderful journey that will not stop—The Genius of Walter Rodney: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa began with our reading group and led to our Major International Event by the same name on February 17. (See the video of the event on Haymarket Books YouTube Channel—scroll in about 45 minutes for its beginning.

We want to thank Patricia Rodney, Asha Rodney, and Charisse Burden-Stelly from the Walter Rodney Foundation, and our Strategy Center/National Leadership School for Strategic Organizing panelists, Channing Martinez, Robin D.G. Kelley, Jamala Rogers, Ash-Lee Henderson, Imani Countess, Barbara Lott-Holland, Akunna Uka,  and Eric Mann on our work for the Strategy Center live/webinar on February 17.

As NATO and the US encircle Russia and China, and people all over the world, including the people of the Ukraine, fight for their sovereignty, and Africa fights for its life against the ongoing British, French, Belgian, and U.S. neo-colonial occupation, and the U.S. imposes a military dictatorship against Africa with its racist and noxious Africom, and as we work to close down all 800 U.S. military bases and demand U.S. and European Reparations to the Peoples of Africa, the Black Nation in the U.S. and all those in the African Diaspora, let’s celebrate Walter Rodney’s work that is more relevant than ever. His work is touching the lives of millions, including ours.

Eric Mann

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