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BRU Calendar of Events Join the BRU this week in Organizing for the Social Welfare State Not the Police State!


Black Revolutionary Thought for Our Times? Panel and Live Podcast March 25th 2021 4pm PST

Join Shelter & Solidarity on Thursday, March 25 (4-6:30pm PST) for a panel and community discussion, featuring guests: Kazembe Balagun, Johanna Fernandez, Eric Mann, and Joseph Ramsey.

Throughout modern history, struggles against oppression affecting African Americans have generated powerful and persuasive radical voices, often resonating across lines of race and nation. How do black revolutionary thinkers of the past—from black Marxist like Richard Wright, to Black Panther participants like Fred Hampton only Assata Shakur, to contemporary voices like Mumia Abu Jamal and others— help us to grasp the present and shape our collective future?

Metro Board Meeting Thursday March 25th 2021 9am

Join The BRU in Calling On MTA to reject any increase to Policing on Metro Buses & Trains. Call in to give public comment on Item 26 “Transit Law Enforcement Services”

The Metro has changed the way Public Comment will be given. For tomorrow’s Meeting Public Comment will be in the Beginning of the meeting on all items on the Agenda.

To Call in for Public Comment please call: 888-251-2949 and enter
English Access Code: 8231160#
Spanish Access Code: 4544724#

Use the link below to watch the live meeting tomorrow at 9am PST.

PETITION: The BRU calls on Metro to end its Police State on the Buses and Trains!

  • End to the existing MTA police contract.
  • No Police on Metro buses and trains
  • Double bus service now.
  • Stop MTA Attacks on and Racial Profiling of Black Passengers
  • Permanent No Fare, Free Public Transportation
  • Implement a 24/7 free, zero emission, bus and rail system
  • Cut L.A.’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025—No cars in LA

Strategy & Soul Weekly Political Block Party March 27th 2021 10am-2pm

Join Strategy Center organizers for our weekly opening of Strategy and Soul with a great Sidewalk full of activities, a political panel, Book store and Strategy and Soul State of the Art Theater.

This Week’s Program:

10am: Opening/Promoting Swap Meet/Sale/Coffee

11am: Lending Library Presentation by Brigette Amaya

Available All Day: Strategy and Soul Dogs, chips, coffee

12:30pm: Barbara panel and framing of Selected Testimonies in the Cold War Truth Comission 2021

1:00pm-1:45pm: VIDEO: Selected Testimonies from the Cold War Truth Commission including Eric Mann, Gail Walker, Medea Benjamin, and Jody Evans