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The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Directed by Ivan Dixon Written by Sam Greenlee

Featuring Lawrence Cook, Janet League & Paula Kelly

Thursday October 29th 2020 6pm PST

Shown in 1973, for a few minutes before censored. The Spook Who Sat by the Door, is a brilliant parody of Blaxploitation that is in fact a revolutionary manifesto for infiltrating the White Man’s power structure. In one of the great lines in film history, when asked how he can get past the security of a highly fortified office, one of the Black revolutionaries explains, “A Black man with a mop and a pail can get in anywhere.”

Written by Sam Greenleee, produced by Ivan Dixon, the lead in another great film, Nothing But a Man, Spook is a continuation of our Fanon, Third World series that began with Concerning Violence, and so far, has proceeded to The Battle of Algiers. Without even knowing the direct lineage, film reviewer, J. Hoberman, in the September 18, 2020 New York Times made the direct connection with Fanon and Algiers.

“But, if “Spook” is a cartoon, it’s one animated by the ideas of the radical psychiatrist and champion of decolonization Frantz Fanon. The movie is an analog to anti-imperialist films like “The Battle of Algiers,” albeit in the guise of a blaxploitation cheapster, which is how it was presented to the distributor United Artists to secure completion money.”

Join us this Thursday night at 6 PM. As we support the liberal and at times neo-colonial forces against the fascist ones, we need to find space for a clear anti-racist, anti-imperialist perspective.

Eric Mann

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