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U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Pete Buttigieg

Defund LA METRO Now!

Malicious Egregious Transit Racism Organization


The MTA with its $7.5 Billion budget has systematically and intentionally targeted Black passengers with 50% of all tickets & arrests—This is willful Anti-Blackness that, under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, give Secretary Buttigieg the power to cut off their funds for “using federal funds in a racially discriminatory manner.”

Support the BRU’s national campaign to stand up against anti-Black transit policies and transit racism against all MTA passengers

Please sign this letter and do a public statement of support

Call “Mayor Pete Buttigieg—Secretary of Transportation

(202) 366-1111

Tell him to Defund the LA METRO and meet with the Bus Riders Union Now

Channing BRU shirt

Call Channing Martinez and Barbara Lott-Holland

Co Chairs of the BRU

(323) 903-6238 |

Tell us of your plans in Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia, and all over the country to help our test-case campaign against transit racism in the U.S


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3540 w Martin Luther King Blvd. LA CA 90008 | (323) 903-6238 |

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