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The Strategy Center, Bus Riders Union and Taking Action Social Justice Club are glad to work with Students Deserve, Black Lives Matter LA, Brothers Sons Selves, Inner City Struggle, Community Coalition, Brotherhood Crusade, Social Justice Learning Institute, Gender and Sexualities Alliance, Youth Justice Coalition, and Khmer Girls in Action.

As a product of our collective work we are excited to have a positive proposal for a $25 million investment for Black students focusing on anti-racism, demilitarization, challenging anti-Blackness, and emphasizing counseling, and Black Futures.

Our motion, to be introduced at a special board meeting on Tuesday February 16, 2021

  • Ensures that all of the $25 million in funding be spent in schools with the greatest Black student enrollment, including those with higher rates of student arrests and/or suspensions, and the lowest levels of Black student achievement.
  • Invests the $25 million in: Restorative Justice Coordinators, Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW’s), Academic Counselors and PSA Counselors, Student Safety Coaches, Community Schools, Black-centered courses (ex. African American History), Student Leadership and Career Mentoring through engaging existing Black-led community organizations, and the creation of an Accountability and Implementation Team.
  • Ensures that NO Los Angeles School Police will be assigned to be on-campus
  • Creates a School Climate and Black Student Achievement Steering Committee of groups who helped to lead the fight to defund the police—Students Deserve, Inner City Struggle, Community Coalition, and Labor/Community Strategy Center as well as UTLA and SEIU. These groups will work to expand public participation and power with great attention to the needs of voices of Black students.

This is a victory for tens of thousands who marched to “Defund the Police” and for decades, called for “counselors not cops.” First we successfully reduced the LASPD budget by $25 million. Now we need your help to investing $25 million to increase counselors. This will be a victory for Black students and parents and communities, the Latinx students and communities, and the entire society as well.

Please join us tomorrow at 4:30pm PST in calling all board members. Thank board members Monica Garcia, Kelly Gonez, Nick Melvoin, and Jackie Goldberg for their historic vote to reduce the budget of the police by $25 million. Ask all of them to invest that $25 million, as was promised, to reduce trauma and increase the morale and educational opportunities of Black students and schools with significant Black populations.

Can’t make it tomorrow? Join us Monday at 4:30 or use the contact information below to make the call.

Monica Garcia    |     Board Member District 2   |    (213) 241-6180

Kelly Gonez    |     Board Member District 6    |    (213) 241-6388

Nick Melvoin    |    Board Member District 4    |    (213) 241-6387

Jackie Goldberg    |    Board Member District 5    |    (213) 241-5555

Tanya Franklin Ortiz    |    Board Member District 7    |  (213) 241-6385

George McKenna    |    Board Member District 1    |  (213) 241-6382

Scott Schmerelson    |    Board Member District 3    |    (213) 241-8333