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Welcome Home Brittney Griner

We feel deep gratitude and relief that Brittney Griner has been released from a Russian prison and is on her way home. We’re happy to have played a small role in the international movement to free her, through the publication and circulation of Eric Mann’s article—calling on both U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin to free her.

Please find Eric’s article published in Counterpunch below: Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Joe Biden Free Brittney Griner Now! 

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

U.S. President Joe Biden

Free Brittney Griner Now!

By Eric Mann

Dear President Putin,

It is outrageous that you have imprisoned WNBA basketball player, Black woman, U.S citizen, and player for your Russian teams, Brittney Griner on trumped up charges of possession of marijuana and held her in prison since February 17, 2022. This is a clear violation of her civil and human rights, as well as a moral, tactical, and strategic catastrophe for you. Admit your mistake and free her now. It is wrong to kidnap Ms. Greiner and use her as  pawn for a possible exchange of prisoners. Ms. Griner is not a spy but a friend of Russia who you have cruelly terrified, imprisoned, and persecuted. Free Brittney Griner now…

Dear President Biden,

You have been criticized by Black athletes, human rights fighters, and people all over the world for your weak and ineffective efforts to negotiate with Vladimir Putin for the release of Brittney Griner. You and NATO have provoked the Russia/Ukraine conflict as a proxy was by the U.S. You have made it clear that the U.S. cannot live in a multi-polar world. Your intent is to encircle and destroy Russia. You have refused to use your good offices to address Russia’s legitimate security concerns and have provoked President Putin with the language of an out-of-control tyrant. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power” “war criminal” You have called the president of Russia, “a butcher, who cannot remain in power.” That was not a slip of the tongue but part of a larger strategy, for when the U.S. has any strategic disagreement with a foreign country it calls for “regime change.” No wonder you can’t and won’t negotiate to free Brittney Griner, that would indicate that the Russian president is human being with whom you can negotiate. This will undermine your rationale for the bloody war in the Ukraine that you want to go on as long as possible to “weaken Russia.”…

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