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The Bus Riders Union and Taking Action Social Justice Clubs Demand

Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers

No Police on Metro Buses and Trains

Free Public Transportation for all MTA Passengers

No Fare Checks “Can’t afford to pay” is The System’s Crime

No Cars in L.A.
Us Reparations to the Third World for Its Climate Crimes
Testify at the Virtual MTA Board Meeting Today at 10am

Today, the MTA Board will debate a weak motion to set up a task force to “reimagine safety. They did not reimagine safety when they signed a $647 million contract with the LAPD in 2017 over the yelling, screaming, imploring, and inspiring Bus Riders Union members.  Where the hell was that “imagination” or even decency when we needed it.

MTA has exhibited racist contempt against Black and Latinx passengers. Their part in the White Settler State is to “make riding on the MTA hell for Black passengers.” Black passengers are 19% of MTA riders but receive more than 50% of all tickets and arrests. The MTA humiliates it passengers with “fare checks” that criminalize even those who have tap cards and force those who can’t pay to jump off the train or get a $75 ticket for being poor and Black, Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers. Stop MTA Genocide Against the Black Nation.

Did you ever go to an MTA meeting? It shows the true colors of the city’s Democratic Party elite. Mayor Garcetti, Mark Ridley Thomas, Sheila Kuehl, Janet Hahn, Hilda Solis and the entire board show contempt for bus and train riders by raising fares, cutting service, and making the MTA system a police state. MTA Ridership is down 10% and they don’t care because the MTA is a Gentrification Money Train going nowhere. The Bus Riders Union has chanted, “Stop MTA Genocide against the Black Nation” for years as the MTA raised the monthly pass from $42 to $100 a month and profiles Black riders. They have been re-imaging transit racism since the MTA was formed in 1993 and the Bus Riders Union won a major civil rights case against them and won $2.7 Billion for Black and Latinx bus riders. But in 2006, when the decree expired, the MTA went back to transit racism with relief and enthusiasm. It’s time to re-imagine a world without police on the trains and No MTA board members in their seats.

Stop MTA Attacks on Black passengers

No Police on MTA Buses and Trains
Free Public Transportation for all MTA passengers
No Fare Checks—“can’t afford to pay” is not a crime
No Cars in L.A. —U.S. Reparations to the Third World for their Climate Crimes