Cry of Mother Earth – by Ecosocialist Horizons


The Cry of Mother Earth: Plan of Action of the Ecosocialist International recognizes and records the history and the future of the world’s first Ecosocialist International, a chorus of grief and praise for Mother Earth, and a planetary program of revolutionary action in defense of free life

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It combines two historic documents, written in a collective process of loving exchange and hope, in a land that knows liberation, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The first is an invitation—an urgent summons to come together and draft a plan of action for the salvation of ourselves and the planet. It is a wish—a seed. The second is the fruit of that seed written a year later, over the course of four days with the words of over 100 delegates from five continents. It is a compass and a cradle, a map and a manifesto, for a global revolution—a return to a way of life in unity with nature.


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