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Take Action for the Civil Rights Climate Justice Campaign for Urban Reconstruction


Call on the MTA and LAUSD Board to support

Free Public transportation

No Police on MTA Trains and Buses

No Police in Schools

Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers

No Cars in LA


As just one tactic we need everyone who supports this campaign to put pressure on Mayor Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Mark Ridely Thomas, and LAUSD Board Member Monica Garcia.

All three, if pushed can make these demands possible.

If you support this campaign, Please print out the post card below, Fill it out, and email it to us. We’ll be sending the cards out in groups to assure they’re mailed and to keep track of how many have been sent.

Send your filled post card to


More actions you can take

to support this campaign

Call Mayor Eric Garcetti (213) 978-1028

Supervisor Mark Ridely Thomas

and LAUSD Board Memebr Monica Garcia (213) 241-7002

and urge them to support this campaign.