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The Strategy Center Will Never Sell Out

and fortunately for you, There are Still Tickets for Bus Riders Union tonight at 6

February 12, 2019 @6pm

Dear Friends in the Movement,

Many people have read the Pan African Film Festival program that marks the film Bus Riders Union—mistakenly—as sold out. They have both congratulated us but also said they felt badly because they wanted to attend. So good news! Tickets are still available online–see box, and tonight at the box office where we will be selling tickets until the 6 PM showing. Thank you for the 60 people who have purchased tickets and the many others who plan to come and purchase tickets tonight. We really want YOU to attend, so, while we will never sell out, we do hope someday to sell out a film showing–but it won’t be tonight so please do join us-we really need the support and attendance–a great film, a great group, and we hope a great discussion.

Join us tonight,
Eric Mann, Barbara Lott-Holland, Channing Martinez, Elmo Gomez, Brigette Amaya, Stephanie Prieto, Norma Henry and the cast of Bus Riders Union

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Join us for a great film and conversation

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @6pm

Baldwin Hills Cinemark Theater

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