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Building a Machine to Take on the System­
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Dear Friends,

The Strategy Center is building a Center of Resistance in South Los Angeles as part of a regional, national, and international movement against the U.S. Empire.

The System is in a permanent and escalating racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, ecological, political, economic, and spiritual crisis. Donald Trump is a dangerous, demagogic neo-fascist. The Democrats are a hypocritical, vicious, neo-liberal party whose only real objection to Trump is that he is in power and they are not.

The Strategy Center is working in South Los Angeles and from there with groups all over the U.S. fighting to get police out of the schools, supporting striking UTLA teachers, hosting book signings and film showings, running the Voices from the Frontlines Radio—on KPFK—Your National Movement Building Show, Running the Strategy and Soul Movement Center, Frontlines Press that publishes books and films for the movement, and training a new multi-generational cadre of gifted grassroots organizers.

Our politics We are building a Black/Latino alliance that is unapologetically anti-imperialist. We call for “The social welfare state not the police state/the Climate Justice State not the Warfare State.” We challenge both parties sick investment in a $1 trillion a year military budget that is bringing the world into ecological and nuclear capacity while operating 800 military bases for U.S. world domination.

Our Structual demands

  • Stop U.S. Genocide Against the Black Nation/Gentrification is Genocide
  • Open Borders—Tear Down the Walls, Amnesty and Free Passage
  • for All Immigrants
  • Cut U.S. Military and Police Budget by 50 Percent Now
  • U.S. Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50% of 1990 levels by 2025
  • Stop State Violence Against Womenin the Family, Workplace community/by police and  U.S. military Stop U.S. Trafficking of Women and Girls
  • Full Human Rights for the People of Palestine End the Israeli/U.S. Blockade of Gaza
Our Immediate Demands

  • Free Public Transportation/No Cars in L.A.
  • No Police on MTA Buses and Trains
  • No Police in LAUSD Schools
  • Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers

The Strategy Center runs a beautiful state-of-the-art Film Theater/Art Gallery/Bookstore at 3546 Martin Luther King Blvd. where we host the Pan African Film Festival, show films like DOLORES  about the life of Dolores Huerta to 100 Black and Latino organizers from Strategy Center and Community Coalition, host book signings like Thandi Chimurenga’s No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant and Victor Wallis’ Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism. The Strategy Center has initiated Strategy and Soul Food where we want to operate a pop-up-shop and healthy coffee house.

The Training of a Multi-generational team of some of the best organizers in the U.S.
The Strategy Center and Eric Mann have trained more than 100 organizers through our National School for Strategic Organizing. Many of whom are still with the Strategy Center and others have expanded the influence in the movement through Puente in Phoenix, United Teachers of Los Angeles, Black Lives Matter, Community Voices Heard in New York, and dozens of labor unions and community groups throughout the U.S.

Building a new generation of high school and community college leaders to be part of a multi-generational organizing team.
Today, Associate director Barbara Lott-Holland, Lead organizers Carlos “Elmo Gomez” and Channing Martinez, organizers Stephanie Prieto, Bridgette Amaya, and Kevin Herrera are working with more than 100 students at Roosevelt High School in East L.A. and Augustus Hawkins and Ouchi High School in South LA.  These student leaders are building Strategy Center Taking Action Clubs to fight for free public transportation and building a new cadre of the most mature and disciplined young people working in a multi-generational movement with Black veterans of South L.A. and the Strategy Center.

$50,000 CAN MOVE THIS Exciting and Comprehensive Program FORWARD
On May 4, 2019 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary. Please contribute now and join us this and next year as we work to make history together.

Young people working in a multi-generational movement with Black veterans of South L.A. and the Strategy Center.



Eric Mann
Barbara Lott-Holland
Associate Director
Channing Martnez
Co-Lead Organzier
Carlos “Elmo” Gomez
Co-Lead Organizer