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Victor Wallis in Conversation with Eric Mann about his new book

Red-Green Revolution; The Politics & Technology of Ecosocialism

October  19, 2018 @6pm

Strategy and Soul Books 

3542 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90008

When the Strategy Center was formed in 1989, I was deeply moved by Barry Commoner’s article in the New Yorker, The Environment, in which he called for a red/green alliance to challenge capitalism’s insatiable drive for profit and planetary destruction. Then the Strategy Center participated in the First People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in 1991, worked in Wilmington to challenge Texaco and other oil polluters, and built the Bus Riders Union to challenge transit and environmental racism. Last year Quincy Saul came to talk about Ecosocialist Horizons, an international experiment in challenging imperialism. In preparation for our participation in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference,  I wrote Katrina’s Legacy: The Black Nation and the People of the World Confront the U.S. Imperialist White Settler State and its Genocidal Climate Crimes.

Now our dear friend Victor Wallis comes to town with his new and important book: The Red Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism. Victor has been an important influence on me and the Strategy Center, has been editor of Socialism and Democracy, is a great friend and advocate for Black and revolutionary prisoners, and brings a very disciplined, analytical mind to the ongoing struggle against planetary destruction and for ecosocialism. We welcome his ideas—Victor is always willing to be clear and sharp, to push all of us. At present, the Strategy Center’s “Free Public Transportation/No Cars in L.A./Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers, No Police on MTA Buses and Trains, No Police in the Schools” is a coherent challenge to the system in the antiracist, anti-imperialist and eco-socialist traditions. Let’s listen, talk, buy copies of Victor’s book which he will sign,  enjoy the Strategy and Soul Theater and Bookstore, and the community we are building.



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