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Quincy Saul Discussion

Eco Socialist International

Doors open @ 5:30pm
Strategy and Soul Books
3542 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90008

The Strategy Center presents the First Eco-Socialist International: A panel with Quincy Saul, and Barbara Lott Holland, Chaired by Eric Mann.

In November 2017, over 100 delegates representing 19 countries and 12 indigenous nations gathered in the Venezuelan state of Yaracuy to collectively draft a planetary plan of action for the salvation of Mother Earth. Under the maroon leadership of three afro-descendant farming communities in the municipality of Veroes, we made a collective commitment to constitute the First Ecosocialist International: to reverse the destructive process of capitalism; to return to our origins and recuperate the ancestral spirituality of humanity; to live in peace, and end war.

The Ecosocialist International is a common program of struggle, with moments of encounter and exchange.

Join us on March 23rd for a Panel Chaired by Eric Mann, including Quincy Saul and Kanya D’Almeida from Ecosocialist Horrizons, and Manuel Criollo and Barbara Lott Holland from the Labor Community Strategy Center.

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