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The authors of this document—the Program Demand Group—are individual left organizers who have built a substantial degree of political unity through struggles in shared practice over a long period of time.  We met each other through our work in mass campaigns initiated by the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles. Our unity as a group is based on a common commitment to antiracist organizing in the United States set within an internationalist framework.  As organizers, we have chosen to spend the majority of our energies on the exceedingly difficult tasks involved in building multiracial, multi-class, independent social movements that confront corporate and governmental elites in the arenas of civil rights, mass transportation, reforms in labor union organizing, and environmental justice.  As we faced the 2000 Presidential Election, we determined that our ability to contribute to coalescing an effective antiracist tendency on the Left and among progressive organizers in the U.S. rested on clarifying our political line: What does it mean to situate antiracist struggles within the larger strategy of building an international united front against imperialism?  A draft document was circulated nationally at the time and has been the basis of the last year’s work and many productive discussions with other antiracist organizers. The struggle for clarity of political line drives our continuing efforts to consolidate our unity and communicate it to others in this version of the document.

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The Program Demand Group

Kirti Baranwal

Rita Burgos

Alex Caputo-Pearl

Woodrow Coleman

Manuel Criollo

Martín Hernández

Barbara Lott-Holland

Kate Kinkade

Eric Mann

Lian Hurst Mann

Deborah Orosz

Kikanza Ramsey

Patrick Ramsey

Geoff Ray

Ted Robertson

Cynthia Rojas

Daniel Widener