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Product Type: Downloadable Immigrant Rights and Wrongs
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by Lisa Durán, Bill Gallegos, Glenn Omatsu, Eric Mann, and the Urban Strategies Group
” An outstanding analysis of immigration as a fundamental part of international capitalism. IMMIGRANT RIGHTS–AND WRONGS details corporate capital’s history in immigration politics and challenges the erosion of human rights. Ideal for courses on immigration, development, political economy, ‘race’ relations, and ethnic studies.”

Laura Pulido, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Southern California

Immigrant Rights–and Wrongs, a bilingual “letter to the movement,” was first designed to impact the opposition to the racist, anti-immigrant “Save our State” initiative in California. That initiative, now the model for similar ones in other states and national legislation, denies “illegal” immigrants education, medical care, and civil rights protections.

Immigrant Rights–And Wrongs is a strategic polemic with progressive activists who, in the name of “electoral realism,” attempt to appeal to a ever-rightward moving white middle- class electoral bloc. They reinforce anti-immigrant sentiment by arguing that Prop 187 “is not the best way to curb illegal immigration” and opposing pro-immigrant marches as “turning off conservative voters.”

Immigrants Rights–and Wrongs offers:

A historical interpretation of the role of U.S. immigration policy. Immigrants have been used by U.S. ruling circles for low-wage and high skill labor while simultaneously subjected to demagogic immigrant bashing to divide immigrant and “native born” workers.

An analysis of the Mass Pathology of Racism. Applying the work of Franz Fanon and W.E.B. DuBois, it traces the divisive and emotive power of the particular racist traditions of the U.S., but also examines the rise of racism and anti-immigrant sentiment in this era of the globalization of capital and disintegration of workplaces and communities.

A discussion of a multi-racial, class-based, aggressively pro-immigrant politics. Immigrants are an essential component of a nascent New Left that can challenge the domination of transnational capital and oppose other police state measures such as Three Strikes, You’re Out.

Support for a Non-Compliance Campaign of Civil Disobedience to resist anti-immigrant laws. It appeals to teachers, public health doctors and nurses, and labor and community activists to build a direct-action mass movement to confront the anti-immigrant onslaught.

Combined English and Spanish edition. 1994.

Publication #1. $10.