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Yesterday’s Inaugural meeting of the Strategy and Soul Thursday Night Revolutionary Organizers Film Club was beautiful. We think we’re onto something great and want to thank everyone who logged on.

There were 156 people registered participants and 75 attended, the majority of which stayed for the discussion. I and we pushed very hard to get at least 120 people registered and we’re grateful to have surpassed our goal.

As Akunna Uka said yesterday: “As a middle school and high school teacher i am struck by the level of their consciousness {the high school students} and I am amazed by their work and i’m excited to get to their level when i’ve received more training myself.”

Lian Hurst-Mann also commented yesterday: “I am excited about the film club–Channing and Eric are always reviewing films on the KPFK’s Voices From the Front Lines show. I know some of the films that they will share with us–can’t wait–great idea especially during COVID!!! And before to-o-o-o long, we’ll be back at the Strategy and Soul Theater.”

and lastly from Brigette Amaya:  “We focused on the importance of history and how we can’t make change without knowing our history and the history of imperialism and colonialism that happened in 1492 to now. We took a step forward to make history last night. As we continue to fight for our liberation and the liberation for oppressed people around the world, we must continue building solidarity amongst each other! I hope we see you again for our next club meeting, but definitely we will be in touch before then. Stay safe, All Power to the People!”

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 6th, 2020 @7pm. We’ll be reading Detroit I Do Mind DyingPurchase Here—And watching Finally Got The News about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

We received great comments yesterday following the film, and in the coming meetings—Every two weeks—we plan to increase the use of the chat to promote political conversation. During yesterday’s meeting someone reminded the whole group about the book Detroit I Do Mind Dying. We’ve spoken for 4 years about beginning a film club and a book club, and we realized last night that we can make this great pairing a regular occurrence by expanding the Strategy and Soul Thursday Night Revolutionary Organizer Film Club to the Strategy and Soul Revolutionary Organizers Film and Book Club. This is an experiment, but we’ll start by having a book of the month of which we’ll view related films.

If you were there send us your comments to

if you missed the first meeting we’d still like you to join us for the second meeting on August 6th, please use the button below to register.
Please consider becoming a sustainer of the film club by giving a monthly contribution.

We’re very excited about our first meeting and look forward to the next