In The Labor Community Strategy Center

The Strategy Center

is Reinventing Itself—Again

Dear Friends,

The Labor/Community Strategy Center is reinventing itself—again!

In the midst of a political, spiritual, and climate catastrophe represented by the terrifying choices of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we still fight for a revolutionary future.

We are focusing our city-wide, national, and international work in South Los Angeles. We are deepening our commitment to the Black community and building a Black/Latino alliance as part of a worldwide movement to challenge U.S. imperialism.  We hope to raise $100,000 from our friends to kick off 2018. We ask you to give as generously as possible—all information below.

We are building new physical structures of resistance.

Our Strategy and Soul Movement Center at the corner of King and Crenshaw in South L.A. is a four-storefront complex for “civil rights/people’s art/revolutionary books/community health, climate justice/transformative organizing.”  Strategy and Soul is the home of our Fight for the Soul of the Cities city-wide office, our state of the art Strategy and Soul Film Theater, Strategy and Soul Books and Strategy and Soul Food.  We hosted a 3 day marathon volunteer appreciation weekend for the Pan African Film Festival.

The Crenshaw House at 1506 S. Crenshaw at the corner of Venice is our new home for the Strategy Center and our future Strategy Center University— building on our National School for Strategic Organizing and the great success of our new Historically Black Colleges and Universities Summer Intern Program.

We are continuing the long revolutionary traditions of the Communists during the Great Depression and of W.E.B. DuBois and Paul Robeson;  the Congress of Racial Equality, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and the work of Fannie Lou Hamer;  the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, the League of Revolutionary Struggle, and the 27 years of the Labor/Community Strategy Center, Bus Riders Union, and Community Rights Campaign.

We are building Taking Action Clubs at Roosevelt and Augustus Hawkins High Schools where we are training 50 young Black and Latina organizers in our vision of transformative organizing.


Our Fight for the Soul of the Cities Civil Rights/Climate Justice Campaign calls on the LA MTA

Free Public Transportation in Los Angeles and an End to the MTA Police State on the buses and trains.  No fares and No fare enforcement and a 24/7 zero emission 5,000 bus fleet

Stop MTA Genocide against the Black Nation. The MTA is threatening, ticketing, and arresting Black and Latino passengers—but yes, singling out Black passengers who are 20 percent of the 500,000 passengers but 60 percent of those who receive abuse, tickets, and arrests. We are charging the MTA with Genocide against Black Passengers and will be bringing further civil rights charges against them. We have been working with the family of Cesar Rodriguez, a 23 year old Latino man who was pushed or chased to his death in front of an MTA train by Long Beach/MTA police for the non-existent crime of “fare evasion” as only the worst example of the daily humiliations and abuses of the MTA police state.

Our organizers and members are out  on the buses, out on the trains, at the high schools, in South LA, East L.A. and wherever we are needed——going door to door, block by block, showing films, hosting book signings, building agit/props, and building revolutionary consciousness, leadership, and organization.

You hear Eric Mann and Channing Martinez on Voices from the Frontlines every Tuesday at 3 on KPFK/Pacifica as Nina Simone greets you with “Here Comes the Sun.”  Manuel Criollo, Barbara Lott-Holland, Martin Hernandez, Elmo Gomez, Ashley Franklin, Shephard Petit, Norma Henry, Monique Jones, Brigette Amaya, continue our work as we join dozens of our alumni who are leading social justice organizations throughout the U.S.

We need your help so we can continue to make history.

Please contribute generously. We urgently need your financial support.

Your friends at the Labor/Community Strategy Center