Katrina’s Legacy: White Racism and Black Reconstruction in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast by Eric Mann


Katrina s Legacy is a history-based essay on revolutionary strategy at the intersection of the Black, Third World, and Climate Justice Revolutions. It roots the cause of the Climate Catastrophe in the social development of the Christian, European/U.S., feudal, capitalist, imperialist worldview.



"Katrina's Legacy" is written in yellow text on a black background. A close-up image of the edge of the Earth is layered in the background and colored red. Author "Eric Mann" is written below in yellow bold text.

Katrina’s Legacy challenges white environmentalism and proposes an anti-racist, anti-imperialist, climate justice revolutionary strategy. Mann challenges the pretensions and lies of Western civilization and roots his work in the Indigenous, Black, and Third World rejections of white settler state barbarism.
Katrina’s Legacy upholds the humanity, hope, and right of self-determination of Third World people and movements.
Katrina’s Legacy is a tribute to the resiliency, determination, and resistance of Black people of New Orleans and is a plea to demand the Effective Right of Return of 100,000 Black People back to New Orleans. One key chapter is: Ten Reasons Why Katrina s Legacy Was a Genocidal Climate Crime.
Katrina’s Legacy is rooted in the work of the author at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The chapter What Are We Going to do About the United States challenges President Obama s plans and pretensions in Paris and offers a programmatic alternative with real demands in the real world.
Katrina’s Legacy teaches Black Revolutionary History, Environmental and Climate Studies, Urban Sociology, Revolutionary Strategy Tactics, and Organizing and Social Movement Studies.


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