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Book Opening

NO DOUBT: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant


Thandi Chimurenga is an outspoken critic of The System and a compelling writer in the great traditions of Black Liberation. She is a frequent host and guest on KPFK Pacifica. We will be discussing and signing her important book, No Doubt: the Murder(s) of Oscar Grant. She uses the plural because The System aka The White Power Structure aka U.S. imperialism not only murders Black and Latino people but then uses character assassination, lies, defamation against the people that they kill. She is also the author of an important essay, in the new compilation-Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up: Organizing the 21st Century Resistance—“Some Thoughts on White Supremacy and Jesus and Bread and Circuses.”

Oscar Grant was murdered by the police on a BART train at Oakland’s Fruitvale Station. The Strategy Center has been organizing a campaign against the MTA—Free Public Transportation/Stop the MTA police state on buses and trains/Stop MTA Genocide against the Black Nation. The MTA has issued more than 30,000 citations and more than 5,000 arrests against all passengers for the non-existent crime of “fare evasion” but even worse, more than 50% of all arrests and citations are against Black passengers—who are only 19% of all MTA passengers. We have warned them, “No More Oscar Grants” but the MTA would not listen. On August 29, a young Latino man, Cesar Rodriguez, was on the Wardlaw Stop in Long Beach when he was stopped, frisked, harassed by MTA police and either fell or was pushed in front of a train and was killed. This police brutality must stop, now!

Thandi Chimurenga, in conversation with Eric Mann, will discuss the ideas in her important book and the larger questions facing the movement for Black liberation, women’s liberation, and the liberation of all oppressed people.